Welcome! So glad you traveled here.. (we are working on the Dutch/English translations)

I am Jitske (Jitsy), the founder of A Woman’s Journey…. With this page I invite you to explore what YOU need on the journey of your life. Women, trans, lesbian, exploring your feminin side as a male…. every body welcome.

Going through human life, we experience cycles within that life. For example, from maiden (young girl) to mother (children or not) to crone (the wise one). The menstruation cycle, pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause, even taking hormones to finally become the real you. And sometimes life can be challenging. That is why we offer some tools to enrich your life. To relax, to gain strength, to feel seen, heard, nourished and blessed. What you need in which part of the cycle is your nature. Listen to your own nature and find what feels right for you, we’re to support you!

I have been travelling for 48 years. Not necessarily overseas, yet I had to explore, learn and experience pathways I never thougth I’d be travelling. These experiences made me humble and rich. Not in money, but in a million other ways. There is scientific proof that sharing experiences is what makes humans happy. To be acknowleged, learning from eachother, laugh together and empower eachother. So we hope to inspire you, on the yogamat, with a soundbath, a blog, a reading, a female cycle ceremony…

In the 20 years I have been travelling as a yoga teacher and tibetan bowl player, I have met some beautiful inspiring souls along the way. Together we organise workshops and soundhealings. We hope to see you there!

~ Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower ~ Sydney J. Harris

Love, Jits & friends